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Why YouTube!

Why YouTube! Working hard creating content, then you are probably aware how powerful video content has become. Trying to convey a message of product or service has never been easier. Increasing awareness of your brand presence has never been easier and all of it can be done in minutes. Beware you don’t want to

Social Media Tip For SMEs

Social Media is hugely undervalued by businesses in Ireland today. At the click of a button can you communicate with your target audience, get instant gratification from customers with reviews, and promote your business to a wide audience. Some people may be asking, ‘that’s all well and good but how do we use social

Web Design Outlook 2014

Web Design Outlook 2014 2014  has been a big year for responsive web design due to the momentum of smartphones and tablets. Design aspects have now changed with more functionality being built for the mobile web, tablet and desktop. Flash, as predicted by tech trends, showed a lower increase in uptake and the new

Web Design Project Primecore PM

LATEST WEB DESIGN PROJECT Web Design Ireland. Aweb Digital, based in Dublin, Ireland, recently designed and developed a new website for Primecore Program Management – www.primecorepm.com. The website was developed over the space of 5 weeks and it showcases every aspect of their business. Our designers used a parallax scroller layout which conforms to ultra-modern web standards and

Web Design Trends 2015

WEB DESIGN TRENDS 2015 Every year, web design grows and changes with exciting content to help us push the boundaries being published daily. With so many more exciting trends to come this year, let’s take a look at what’s happening in 2015. Longer Scrolling Websites We’ve been noticing that a lot of new website