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Apple Pay is Live

Thanks to Apple, paying in stores just got easier! Gone are the wasted moments trying to find the right change or the right card, with Apple pay, you pay by touch!  Apple has taken contactless payment to the next level, allowing you to now simply and securely pay using your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch watch the

Online Payments For Businesses

DOES YOUR BUSINESS ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS? Online consumers look for instant results, and have grown accustomed to the process of paying for their purchases immediately, however the reality is that 91% of Irish businesses cannot process payments online! Businesses that accept online payments can increase their cash flow as their online customers will have an

By Design

Most customers can name at least one “missing” feature that would improve their experience with your product, but you can’t acquiesce to every feature request without your product turning into a bloated, unusable mess. Support reps are all too familiar with the discomfort of telling customers they can’t have everything they want. We know

Localised SEO

Local SEO So why localise?  Let’s start with what is localisation and why it’s essential for your business. One thing people forget is that when you search on Google searches appear based on your location and not in the next country or a restaurant in Bali if you are based Dublin. You dig! So