Our server administrators and systems architects have been part of the cloud revolution – some working in systems organisations, others with hosting providers directly, and all have taken the journey from dedicated, to shared, to VPN and back.

At A Web Digital, we’ll effortlessly explain why the cloud is the best place for your data, information and online resources – before planning the best architecture for everything you’re going to trust the cloud to keep available, accessible and secure.

All too often we’ve inherited client systems that are either poorly engineered from a security perspective, or otherwise too complex for a company’s requirements – ultimately costing our client more than what they need to be paying for cloud services. At A Web Digital, our team is dedicated to ensuring you have everything you require, structured in a manner that keeps everything safe and secure, but without the excess storage, bandwidth and whistles that you simply don’t need just yet.

Popular Cloud Environments

There’s far too many suppliers to talk about here, but naturally we’re experts on the following cloud hosting platforms


Amazon Web Services – for companies requiring fluid expansion


Brief description of their USP


Brief description of their USP

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