Why local businesses need high quality local SEO?

Why local businesses need high-quality local SEO?

Your site’s position in Google’s search results is determined based on hundreds of variables all derived from the content on Google’s index. SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the ways we can help improve your rankings. Here are some other key factors that will help you.

Enter the keyword:

Now some of these factors are determined by keywords and how many times they appear in the title the description within the content and synonyms SEO is mainly targeted at a users search.
Another important factor is can Google crawl your site efficiently how is easy is it to find content, are all the links working are they leading to the right areas of content, is it clear what is important, H tags are there for the search engine to determine how important your content is H1, H2, H3.

It’s not all about the search engine…

Do you have content that will make your users want to share on social media or event interact with it?
Here are the five things I would concentrate on to get a strong presence:

1. Have a high-quality Google My Business profile.

Here you will have authenticity and give Google a strong signal of who you are. This always helps SEO. Demonstrating your abilities on the business profile gets you noticed and having a conversation with other users shows the knowledge you have within your industry.

2. Have really relevant on page content on your site?

Make your keywords match who you are and what your products and services reflect. Content is always king!
On page keyword optimisation is crucial here.

3.Listing your business name phone number and address…

Let people know who you are around the web, if you advertise what you do when you are open people are more likely to treat as a serious business so will google. When people come to you through organic search how SEO is optimised is not all about keywords and other factors but how you reflect your business so having the right information up is crucial.

4. Reviews

You need to get reviews from authoritative sites like Google reviews and Yelp that what they are there for. The search engine results displays not only your SEO efforts but the effort you have put in to your business so get those review, consumers will allow want to know how you performed with other consumers of your product for service.

5. Links

Collect lots of inbound links, the more inbound links you have the more popular you are.

This takes time and investments. Eventually you will see it pay dividends.

Are you a business that would like to get help with SEO (search engine optimisation) talk to us we can get all set up and provide you with a strategy you can maintain yourself.