Senator Windows

Changing homes since 1985

Senator Windows is a window and door manufacture and installation company that has been helping Irish householders to brighten their homes. They are market leaders who have introduced several popular trends in the market and have exhibited great expertise with their innovations, technologies, and commitment. They offer their products throughout Ireland with the help of a carefully curated list of independent dealers who excel at understanding the requirements of the customers and offering expert guidance and advice.

Optimised For Multiple Devices
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Optimised For Mobile Speed & Design.

Visually appealing layout, while optimising for speed and optimal user experience.



Immersive integrations all rolled up into a cozy package.

Their goal was to make homes brighter, and we believed that their online presence should embody that. We wanted their customers to have an immersive shopping experience. This called for several integrations. The end product was a fluid interface with several under-the-layer integrations with external partners for an immersive virtual shopping experience and video galleries for every product.

Multi-Format Layouts For Desktop.

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