Social Media Tip For SMEs

Social Media is hugely undervalued by businesses in Ireland today. At the click of a button can you communicate with your target audience, get instant gratification from customers with reviews, and promote your business to a wide audience. Some people may be asking, ‘that’s all well and good but how do we use social media effectively and productively?’, sit tight, I’m about to tell you.

  1. You don’t need to be on every channel out there.
    There are new social media platforms being created every day, do you need to join every single one of them? It all depends on what the goals of the business are. Are you trying to build a community? If this is the case then Facebook is a good starting point. If your business provides highly visual products then signing up to Instagram and Pinterest will work for you. Twitter and LinkedIn will work best for providing professional experience or insights to others. Find out where your users are and then target them.


  1. Who is the personality behind your profiles?

Your social media voice or personality should reflect your business and the services that you’re trying to provide. Many business owners try and be someone who they’re not, leading to being dull, boring, or even flippant.

A lot of social media experts say that most people post for likes or shares using entertainment content. You’ve got to ask yourself, is getting a like for Kim Kardashian’s latest wardrobe malfunction going to sell you more products, probably not. Try sharing your experience, your knowledge, your passion, and why you’re in the industry in the first place, people will relate that to what you’re selling and want to find out more.


  1. Keep track of your social media impact.

Once you have stage 1 and 2 complete it’s time to start tracking and analysing what impact your presence is having. Use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and the other analytical tools available to see what’s working and what’s not.

Warren Kavanagh, our Director of Technology at Aweb Digital says: “Educate yourself or your team on the various analytical software out there and use to see what your audience responds to, otherwise, you’re posting blankly”.