Bringing connectivity to your pet

Waggi connected pets is a pet solutions company that pioneers in pet tracking technology. Waggi develops smart id tags through which pet owners can ensure their pet is never lost. Waggi eliminates the need to stick “lost” posters when your pet goes astray next time. Waggi was created for the purpose of helping pet owners find their missing pets and creating the ability to record and share key information regarding your pets healthcare with owners, guardians or vets.



Building an app that speaks in woof

The goal Waggi had in mind was simple yet unique, to provide pet owners with better care and health information through accessible technology. We designed the Waggi app as an all-around tracker of pet health. Users can input information about their pets in the app, share this, and keep track of their visits to the veterinarian. Users can also share this information with the vet or assigned guardians of the dog. When combined with the Waggi smart id tag the app acts as the perfect tracker eliminating the need for complex RFID micro-injections.