Web Design Outlook 2014

Web Design Outlook 2014

2014  has been a big year for responsive web design due to the momentum of smartphones and tablets. Design aspects have now changed with more functionality being built for the mobile web, tablet and desktop.
Flash, as predicted by tech trends, showed a lower increase in uptake and the new HTML5 standards has taken its place by adding common features that are more browser and search engine friendly.

What is Parallax

The rise of Parallax is one of the most desired trends that we have come across with some of our clients due to some of the effects that you can gain with design typography and images.

Flat Design

It is what it is, no gradients no shadows simple colour blocks that are there to give the basic attractive elements that make it easy on the eyes to read.
Users are more likely to remember something simple and elegant in design than something that is filled with nuance that sometimes leads to nothing but mind-boggling contemplation.
The technical term for flat UI Design is known as monochromatic design a single hue of colours. Flat design is mostly associated with Apple, Facebook and Windows in some respects.

Images still the most effective way to strike a cord

Images these days are the key to selling words. A simple experiment looks at your news stream, what do you look at first the video automatically playing or the image sitting in at the top of the title. Point proven… you don’t have to be a genius to know that quality imagery that is well depicted helps the reader understand what their about to read. This Brings us to our next paragraph.

Video Backgrounds

How cool are they, literally a video built in to your web page that sits flush with your website, the power of the video has now become the call to action in a big way. Proven fact that video will get more interaction than a whole website will in one session. So if you can find something that is both appealing and can convey a message that will lead your users to great visual experience then don’t stop there make sure to include those call to action they work seamlessly with all the good stuff that you are trying to sell.

Getting your tiles on!

Know as the evolution of the grid layout but a bit more stylistic, really good for blog layouts and visual overlays. You can get a symphony of images and videos multitasking on a page at once but beware to not slow your page speed down. Approach with caution and try and create something that this is not mentally draining and get the content across.

How to get the right mix!

These styled layouts are all exciting and hold a lot creative thought when it comes to designing the pages and will allow you to feed the user what they want but using great appealing imagery and fonts that are bound to suck the user in to clicking something that will make them feel positive about there adventure on to your site. Till the next time web readers if you need any more information don’t forget we are web a development/design company.

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