Web Design Trends 2015


Every year, web design grows and changes with exciting content to help us push the boundaries being published daily. With so many more exciting trends to come this year, let’s take a look at what’s happening in 2015.

Longer Scrolling Websites

We’ve been noticing that a lot of new website designs today tend to be longer at length when scrolling. Mobile devices are become more and more popular, with 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide today, websites are opting more for scrolling instead of linking in order to display content, especially on the homepage.

For example, Apple has designed its new iPhone 6 page as a long scrolling page to showcase all of the product’s features.

Responsive Web Design

As we mentioned above, mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. This has had a huge influence on particular trends like Responsive Web Design becoming the new standard. In order to compete in today’s digital landscape, having a fully responsive website is crucial. Responsive web design provides optimal user experience regardless of whether they use a laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Large Rich Typography

Following on from the trend in 2014, we are now seeing large headings and typography getting even larger. Large typography is likely to continue to grow in popularity in 2015 as it is a way to boost the visual hierarchy of the page by drawing the visitor to the largest, most important text on the page.

Austin East Ciders showcases very large typography as soon as you hit the homepage. It makes a visual statement that can’t be missed.

High-Quality Custom Images – No More Stock!

For many new websites these days, stock imagery has been pushed to the side, allowing professional, high-quality photography that is unique and custom to the site take the front seat. Using custom photography will make your website unique in that no other site will have the same pictures as you.

For example, Guinness shows off this trend very well. The site showcases custom photography which gives it a personable effect making them unique only to Guinness.

Use of Background Video

The use of HTML5 videos is a trend we predict will continue to grow greatly this year. Web design is becoming increasingly simplified and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. The use of a background video can tell your audience a story in the most direct and attentive way possible.

What do other web design trends you think will rock the web this year?

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