Why YouTube!

Why YouTube!

Working hard creating content, then you are probably aware how powerful video content has become. Trying to convey a message of product or service has never been easier. Increasing awareness of your brand presence has never been easier and all of it can be done in minutes. Beware you don’t want to bore your users so keep it short and sweet.

Getting your video founds has never been easier if you carefully add your tags correctly and do your research so when people search for it, you can start promoting it on your website, social channels and email. Remember people can now view videos on there mobile so your reach is endless.

YouTube is the biggest video giant in today’s market, the Google-owned website has more that one billion unique visitors and 6 billion hours of watched videos every month and has 100 hours of uploaded videos every minute.

Here are some stats from our friends at digital sherpa:

  • One-third of all activity online is now spent watching online video every day
  • 100 million users watch video everyday online
  • Increase in understanding a product or service goes up by 74%
  • Every month the average internet user is exposed to an average of 32.2

In conclusion when you can get your information found if you do it correctly. Are you a business owner and brand or agency looking to get your videos found contact us.