SecuriCentrix: Global Security And Compliance Service Provider

SecuriCentrix is a provider of independent information security and compliance services across the globe since 2010. They offer secure managed cybersecurity services to clients, ranging from the UK, Africa, Australia, India, and Ireland.


Dedicated to providing best-in-class cybersecurity with as little interference in their day-to-day activities as possible, SecuriCentrix has successfully ensured compliance and protected its clients from numerous threats that could potentially threaten businesses. 


June 16 , 2021


Web design


David Steele


Design, Brending

The process

User experience was a major feature we wanted to focus on. We had a lot to offer, and we wanted to make sure the visitors to our website could soak it all and well. We began by conducting market research and came up with a content framework that would fit in with and complement the design language.


The first was the Irish website, and then we assisted them in establishing a presence in Africa and the United Kingdom through dedicated websites for the two countries. 


We then prioritised increasing the online visibility of SecuriCentrix’s new website. Our experts began by optimizing the content on the individual pages. The trick was to be compelling and relevant, providing users with value and information while adhering to SEO-friendly practices. Our technical SEO experts assisted us in creating a lightning-fast, fully optimized website that is ready for Google to crawl. We continue to collaborate with SecuriCentrix on a regular basis to publish blog posts and assist them in gaining traction on social media.

The Challenge

SecuriCentrix was very successful in its endeavours, but the enterprise was yet to make an impact in digital marketing. Aweb approached the board with a lot on our minds in search of a solution. We wanted both- a responsive website and well-written content. A website that will communicate effectively with their audience backed by solid Search Engine Marketing boosting visibility on Google. Furthermore, we needed a foundation for their social media campaign. We had to account for the fact that their target audience was the entire world. 

The Result

SecuriCentrix ranks on the first page of the Google SERP: for various targeted keywords; in the first rank for several of them, in several countries. They have a stable social media handle, all setup optimized and periodically updated. They have massively closed the gap with their competitors and continue to gain results and returns. 

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