Waggi is a pet solutions company that is a pioneer in the field of pet tracking technology. They create smart id tags so you don’t have to put up “lost” posters the next time your pet goes missing. They have been assisting pet owners in locating missing pets as well as developing the ability to record and share key information regarding your pet’s healthcare with owners, guardians, or veterinarians.


June 16 , 2021


Web design


Willam John 


Design, Brending

An App For Your Furry Friends

We partnered up to envision a simple and unique idea: provide better care and health information to pet owners via accessible technology. We collaborated on the Waggi app, which was an all-around pet health tracker. Users can now enter information about their pets into the app, share it, and keep track of vet visits. Users can also share this data with the dog’s veterinarian or designated guardians. When coupled with smart id tags, the app functions as the ideal tracker, eliminating the need for complex RFID micro-injections.

Our Role

Our rapid prototyping process provided us with a preview of the final device experience. Our team’s effective strategies enabled real-time review and adjustments in the middle of the process. We optimized user experience by utilizing advanced tools and methodologies throughout the design process. It felt like a treat to make the pets as happy as our customers. 

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