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Aweb Digital with Pestle & Mortar: A Collaborative Success Story

At Aweb, we love working with companies that are driven by a clear vision, a positive mindset, and a unique footprint—the same values that we strive to uphold as a service provider. Pestle & Mortar is one such brand that embodies all these qualities. This makes us a proud service provider, and it has been an absolute joy for us to collaborate with them. 

A Skincare brand with an eye on sustainability

Pestle & Mortar is an international cosmetics brand focused on creative, safe, and pure skincare products combining high performance active ingredients with natural extracts. With philosophies rooted in the Indian heritage of their co-founder, the company prides itself on creating clean and effective product lines suitable for all skin types. 

How it began

Our collaboration with Pestle & Mortar began when their Director of Operational Excellence, Fabian, and the team approached our CEO with a need to take over the management of their website.
First things first, we conducted a thorough audit of the website and identified all the key issues that needed to be addressed. This was not just a technical audit where we put the website through some tools. We sat with them, understood their business requirements, and put down a plan that would help not just their website but also their business improve. 

Improving manoeuvrability on the website

We began working on the Pestle & Mortar site, and the first thing we addressed was the server-level concerns. We addressed these by transferring them to a superior server on Cloudways. The next step was the implementation of a content management system (CMS). For a brand such as Pestle & Mortar, the ability to understand and change things within their website was of prime importance. Therefore, we turned them away from the custom PHP template they were using, into an environment within WordPress and WooCommerce.  

Hitting all the green lights: upgrading security and performance

While the server transfer and the CMS implementation by themselves gave the website a performance boost, we were not willing to stop there. With the help of various other systems around website security and cache management, we gave the website a significant boost in security and site speed. Our efforts helped us land a score of 97 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, thus becoming a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.  

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The best of both worlds: Implementing custom features

Being built on custom PHP, we had to navigate through a lot of code in the Pestle & Mortar website while migrating it to WordPress and WooCommerce. What popped up here was that not all features were transferable. This is where we went back to the drawing board. By implementing WordPress plugins and combining them with custom PHP, we built all these features again from scratch. 

The result of this exercise was a website that combined the flexibility of WordPress with the customizability of PHP.  

Streamlining the process: bugs, products and snapshots

We integrated a bug tracking and reporting system that allows anyone logged into the website dashboard to report issues transparently and quickly. This streamlined the reporting process and elevated the website’s overall quality. 

Reducing downtime and managing multiple assets

We currently manage various digital assets for Pestle & Mortar on both their wholesale and retail websites. We’re happy to say that since our collaboration began, we’ve significantly reduced website downtime and other technical issues. Our exemplary support continues to ensure that Pestle & Mortar’s digital landscape remains flawless. 

In conclusion, our collaboration with Pestle & Mortar has been a resounding success. By addressing key issues and implementing new features and measures, we’ve delivered a website that reflects Pestle & Mortar’s brand values and ethos. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Pestle & Mortar and help them achieve even greater heights in the future. 

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