6 Free Google SEO Tools To Boost Content Marketing (Updated For 2023)

You will see tons of SEO tools that promise “free” services but most of these tools either don’t get the work done or don’t let you use all of the features available. “Free” is a term often misused.


In this article, you will find the updated features of Google SEO tools that are overlooked while planning a content strategy. Getting SEO done without any costs requires in-depth knowledge of the best free SEO tools. 

How To Use Google SEO Tools

Google accounts for more than 70% of all searches. Since their SEO tools have access to the most accurate source of data, Google is a great place to start your SEO journey.

Your goal is to optimize the content for higher rankings and make it easy to find via search engines so using the SEO tools provided by the same search engine you aim to rank for gives you the upper hand in market research. Most of Google’s SEO tools are free with all the features available without having to pay a premium price for it. 

Google SEO Tools

Google Trends

The reason that your target audience comes to your website through google is that they are searching on Google using keywords that are associated with either your business or with a service you provide. To provide the content that your target audience is looking for, you must be aware of what is currently trending. You can use the Google SEO tool, Google Trends to see if the search volume for your topic has been trending in recent months or is in decline. 

When you search for trending topics, Google Trends provides relevant suggestions via the Related Topics option. This means you’ll get keywords that people use that are related to the products and services you provide. Trends also displays keywords that appear unrelated to the keywords for which you rank, but they could be useful when writing blog posts for your target audience. If you need to analyse more data, you can create content based on the keywords that appear prominently in the graph for the previous 12 months or more. Analysing more data gives you more context on the keyword you are ranking for. 

Following seasonal trends is critical for remaining at the top of SERPs; there will be peaks and dips throughout the year, and Google Trends has tools like Related Queries that can help you determine what specific services your audience is looking for. Ranking for the right keywords is important, but having a vague idea that certain words might rank high because they are similar to your niche keyword is not the best approach to Keyword Research. 

Google Trends: Google SEO Tools

Google Analytics

For years, content writers and SEO agencies have relied on Google Analytics. If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, you’ve probably already begun using Google Analytics for content marketing. This Google SEO tool has many unique features and is available in two versions; the free version of Google Analytics is ideal for small and medium businesses. 

Google Analytics was traditionally used to collect data on all aspects of a website’s activity. However, the SEO tool is also capable of measuring social media performance and engagement. Your social media posts attract leads, and the Overview Reports feature informs you of the conversions you receive from social media platforms. 

You need to know how long your target customers are staying on your website. Visitors who are engaged are more likely to stay for more than 60 seconds. You can categorise your leads based on how long they stay on your website by going to Audience < Behavior < Engagement. Google Analytics can help you identify unique visitors and the number of pages they viewed on your website. 

Google Analytics: Google SEO Tools

Google Search Console

It’s a key tool any website owner should check out if they want to get serious about their SEO. Google Search Console is a completely free Google SEO tool that can be used by any website, regardless of the platform on which it was built. GSC can be used to maintain a Google-friendly website, correct technical SEO issues, and even check for errors in your sitemap. To get started with Google Search Console, simply add your website as a property and verify your account with an HTML file, HTML tag, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager. 

When you use the Queries feature, you will be presented with a table containing keywords that you could use to rank in SERPs. The data provided by GSC in this feature is exclusive; so relying solely on Analytics for keyword research is insufficient. You get more keyword ideas from these insights, this feature is perfect for businesses that are looking to expand their online presence and customer service. 

You can also resolve 404 errors in Google Search Console. 404 error messages are typically displayed when a URL is no longer accessible. This frequently happens when a page no longer exists or the URL has been changed. Navigate to Index > Coverage to see a list of any issues discovered on your site. When you click on an issue, you will see the URLs that are affected. 

Google Search Console: Google SEO Tools

Google My Business

Google has a huge presence in our lives, with Chrome, Assistant, voice search engines, and everything else that makes our lives a little easier. But, whether you’re a freelance blogger or a local business owner, one SEO tool you can’t afford to overlook is Google My Business. It is a free tool that you can use to verify and edit your business information. Local businesses can use GMB to manage their presence in Google Search and Maps because GMB shows your company’s name and information in Search and Maps without the visitors having to use a third-party site. 

The Local Pack in SERPs is made up of Google My Business listings, which serve as the shop window for every local business, making GMB the most important ranking factor for local businesses. If you make proper use of all of the features, your local audience will see what you do whenever they search for something related to your services. Using GMB, you can post creative Google posts that give your audience a different approach to the same services everyone else provides.

Individual ranking factors take into account your online reputation, and more than 80% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. Getting a few top-rated reviews in the last year isn’t enough; increasing review velocity provides your new customers with a plethora of references about your company. Because this is the first thing your audience sees about you, it has a big impact on whether or not you get new customers.

Google My Business: Google SEO Tools

Google Business Review Link Generator

By now, you are probably aware of how important reviews are for your business. Using Google Business Review Link Generator, you can obtain more online reviews about your company or product. If you own a local business, you should incorporate this free tool into your digital marketing strategy. It’s excellent for search engine advertising that increases traffic while also providing real-time insights into what your customers require. Without this tool, lead nurturing was never easier. 

When you generate more reviews from your customers using this tool, you can even dedicate a page on your website where your customers can see reviews and leave new ones by simply tapping a button. When you make your business more transparent, you gain the trust of your customers. Dedicating a page to reviews means you value customer feedback, not to mention the constant flow of insights that provide great ideas for new content.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights is an excellent tool designed for webmasters, web developers, and site owners. It is used to test the speed and performance of a website by simply entering the URL. A user’s average wait time for a website to load is three seconds; anything longer and they will bounce. A/B testing and other growth marketing strategies will cause your website to load slowly. Instead of focusing on getting the perfect score with this tool, you can use it to fix bugs in the website so that it functions flawlessly. 

Page Speed Insights does not provide ideas for new content or keywords; instead, it focuses on improving user experience. If your website does not take too long to load (less than 3 seconds), you can cut your bounce rate by more than half. Because Google uses all metrics available to rank a website in the SERPs, optimising Page Speed Insights is beneficial for SEO. 

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Summing Up

You can utilise a variety of free SEO tools provided by Google to strengthen your digital marketing and SEO efforts. Google really wants to assist website owners in building better websites that satisfy both the requirements of the algorithm and the demands of their users. Also, you can improve your SEO approach in accordance with the elements that Google considers crucial in digital marketing by employing any of the SEO tools on this list.

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