Limor: Revised And Revitalized

Limor is a social audio app that seeks to revolutionize the social media experience using social audio. Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor seeks to deliver an interactive social audio experience. Voice has always been a powerful medium; even more than text. Less Is Mor Ltd. sought to bring this power into the field of social media and use the power of speech to bring people together. 


June 16 , 2021


Redesign app


Shane Monahan


Design, Brending

The Tools For The Job

We relied on the best and most efficient tools for the job. Our wireframing was done on Figma, which offered the best collaborative solutions. Our cross-cultural background meant an online video conferencing solution was necessary and we saw that Google Meet was our best option. The development for iOS was performed using Swift and Android via Kotlin. We saw that Agile development methodologies worked best for the product and Jira Software from Atlassian proved to be the most efficient tool for the job. 

Besides the app, the Limor team also wanted a web space for themselves. WordPress, hosted on Cloudways was the solution. With Elementor and WordPress, we developed a website that would fulfill their necessities best and yet leave plenty of room for future development.

The Challenge

Shane Monahan, the CEO of Limor wanted to expand their horizons and accommodate the onset of the social audio revolution. We started building the new face of Limor. He wanted a responsive and feature-rich application for both android and iOS devices that would well accommodate the requirements of the average social media consumer. 

The Process

We went right back to the start. Why give just a facelift when instead we could rethink the entirety of it. Through numerous emails, video calls, and ongoing slack conversations, we came up with a wireframe that accommodated and suited the companies business goals so that nothing would stand in the way of their growth.

The Result

After several months of development and design, we released a fully working first version of the new Limor app. The new face of Limor found success and popularity. Our job hasn’t ended though. We continue to work with the Limor team to develop the various updates to the Limor app and continue to equip it with the demands of the market. 

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