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Certa Ireland

Certa Ireland offers comprehensive energy solutions, delivering efficient and sustainable energy services across Ireland. 

With an emphasis on innovative, sustainable design and user-friendly experiences, Certa Ireland underwent a digital transformation that established them as a user-centric platform. This approach enhanced user engagement and solidified their leadership in the energy sector. 

Siam Thai

Siam Thai provides an authentic and exquisite Thai dining experience, offering a blend of traditional flavors and modern culinary techniques across Ireland. 

With an emphasis on authentic, exquisite design and user-friendly experiences, Siam Thai underwent a digital transformation that established them as a user-centric platform. This approach enhanced user engagement and solidified their leadership in the culinary sector. 

SYS Mortgages

With over 60 years of experience, founded by CEO Tony Delaney, SYS Mortgages evolved alongside the market, continually adapting to meet the dynamic client needs.
From humble beginnings to becoming a trusted name in mortgages, their journey is a testament to enduring excellence.  

SYS Mortgages’ hassle-free online mortgage application and immersive design reflecting brand identity streamlined operations and improved customer service. Interactive calculators provided valuable tools for users, enhancing their experience and increasing conversions.

Pension Planning

Established and trusted in Ireland, Pension Planning provides sought-after, holistic, and extensive financial services. The Pension and Retirement Team has special expertise in all aspects of Pension Planning, Retirement Options, and exit strategies.

Empowered happy retirees and clients to make their own choices, fostering mutual trust digitally.

Pension Solutions provides convenience by enabling retirees and clients to make their decisions digitally. This approach streamlines services and enhances customer satisfaction, leading to increased engagement and retention.

Quantum Scientific

Since 1985, Quantum Scientific Ltd. has been Ireland’s leading gas analysis and detection service provider. Installing and servicing high-quality gas detection sensors and controllers in Irish industries, universities, government agencies, and consultancies.  

Quantum Scientific’s customer-oriented route, combined with enhanced digital outreach and boosted support for creating a competitive advantage, positioning them as a leader in their industry. This strategy created pragmatic client connections and increased market share, ultimately driving business growth. 

SK Pharmteco

SK Pharmteco is the customer-facing team that includes SK Biotek, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, AMPAC Analytical, and Yposkesi. SK Pharmteco is a reliable partner in the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in the production of APIs and intermediates, viral vectors for gene and cell therapies, registered starting materials, and analytical services. 

Through a focus on nurturing brand recognition and delivering augmented growth opportunities, SK Pharmteco positioned themselves for increased market visibility and expanded clientele. Their scalable approach and optimised components ensured adaptability and efficiency in meeting evolving business needs.

APEC Courses

An industry leader in fitness education, APEC offers several accredited educational diplomas to Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Health Coaches and Nutritionists. Dedicated to delivering quality fitness education to fitness trainers, they are a trusted name by elite coaches around the globe.  

APEC Courses’ visually repurposed B2C fitness platform, coupled with an easy-to-manage LMS and immersive course structure, provided both customers and the business with efficient visibility and a viable platform for growth. This approach facilitated increased enrollment and improved user engagement. 


Ireland’s largest hot-dip galvanizing service, Galco has been in business for 50 years. What began in 1970 as the first commercial galvanizing plant by Joseph Quinn, who saw a much larger untapped business opportunity, has now become the creation of his vision, leadership, and aspirations, which continue to shape Galco into the future.  

Galco’s online identity for the sustainable construction industry not only associated their service with safety but also provided concise information and design elements that aligned with their values. This helped attract environmentally conscious customers and enhanced brand loyalty. 


Limor is a social audio app that seeks to revolutionize the social media experience using social audio. Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor seeks to deliver an interactive social audio experience.
Voice has always been a powerful medium; even more than text. Less Is Mor Ltd. sought to bring this power into the field of social media and use the power of speech to bring people together.  

Limor’s interactive social audio platform revolutionised idea-sharing and provided a feature-rich, responsive experience that united users. By breaking the conventional wheel of social interactions, Limor expanded its user base and became a go-to platform for innovative discussions.

Jessica Alstrom

As a spiritual teacher, Jessica Alstrom is an intuitive life coach, author, and recipient of the International Soulful Awards Committee’s World Server Award. She has dedicated her life to assisting humanity in raising its consciousness and achieving a higher purpose. She teaches audiences all over the world through live events, online courses, and tours. 

Jessica Alstrom created a holistic online platform for personal development that offered healing methodologies through science. This comprehensive approach attracted a diverse audience seeking transformative experiences, thus fostering brand growth and recognition. 

Senator Windows

As a window and door manufacture and installation company, Senator Windows has been helping Irish householders to brighten their homes. As market leaders they have introduced several popular trends in the market and have exhibited great expertise with their innovations, technologies, and commitment. Their products are offered across Ireland with carefully curated list of independent dealers who excel at understanding the requirements of the customers and offering expert guidance.  

Senator Windows’ virtual showroom experience showcased their service quality and elevated their digital footprint. This immersive approach not only enhanced customer engagement but also drove sales by providing an interactive and convenient platform for exploring their products.

SK Biotek Ireland Analytical Services

SK Biotek Ireland Analytical Services, the pharmaceutical analysis branch of SK pharmteco has provided proficient analytical studies and robust analytical data that play a key role in every stage of drug development and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises). SK biotek Ireland Analytical Services is the company’s most recent addition to the SK group, which has over 280 affiliates worldwide.  

Through content curation and a brand message overhaul, SK Biotek sustained its digital biotech leadership and engaged audiences more effectively. Insight-driven communication strategies facilitated better understanding and trust among stakeholders, leading to increased collaborations and business opportunities. 


Provider of independent information security and compliance services across the globe since 2010, Securicentrix, offers secure managed cybersecurity services to clients, ranging from the UK, Africa, Australia, India, and Ireland.
Securicentrix has successfully ensured compliance and protected its clients from numerous threats that could potentially threaten businesses.  

Securicentrix’s market research for UX optimisation and strategic SEO efforts boosted their online presence and engagement. By partnering on blog content and social media engagement, they strengthened their brand authority and attracted a wider audience, resulting in increased leads and conversions. 


This trailblazing B2B wellness IoT company, has created a cloud-based mental well-being app that’s a game-changer. It’s not just an app; it’s your best buddy, supporting your physical and mental health on smartphones, desktops, and even smartwatches.  

Transcend time zones, nationalities, and industries - Mental and physical wellness made accessible!

Wellmi’s focus on mental and physical well being was made accessible across time zones and industries improved user experience and expanded their reach. With approved WatchOS apps and a revamped website, they solidified their brand identity and attracted a broader customer base seeking holistic wellness solutions. 

Pestle & Mortar

Aweb Digital with Pestle & Mortar: A Collaborative Success Story
At Aweb, we love working with companies that are driven by a clear vision, a positive mindset, and a unique footprint—the same values that we strive to uphold as a service provider. Pestle & Mortar is one such brand that embodies all these qualities.  

Pester & Mortar’s improved website maneuverability and enhanced security performance not only facilitated growth but also instilled trust among users. The implementation of WordPress and WooCommerce further optimized their online presence, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction. 

SK Biotek

A Global Life Science Leader, SK Biotek, the CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation) branch of SK pharmteco company has provided custom manufacturing services to the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies for over 60 years. SK Biotek, Ireland is the company’s recent addition to the SK group, which has over 280 affiliates worldwide.  

Enhanced visibility for Korea’s conglomerate through a showcase of operations, capabilities, careers, and facilities laid the foundation for pronounced services and expanded market reach. Their digital empire setup positioned them as an industry leader, attracting lucrative partnerships and opportunities. 


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